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Things are difficult. We have been building a plan.

Hi Vendors, We have spent some time trying to establish clarity about the state of our industry and the position vendors have found themselves.

We have been building a plan.

Together we can bolster and reinforce our industry, and we will. We will all need to change the level of care and communication we offer our couples along with the way we assist each other, as Wedding Vendors. If you haven’t had a chance to land on your feet yet, your first goal is to seek support. We are your colleagues and we can help you with seeking community, financial, legal and personal support. You can speak directly with us or we can refer you to some specialists.

Inside Vendor will be here for you now and in the future, so understand, even if things feel difficult, it's temporary. We will help you however we can. There are always options for you and your business.

Simple things you can do:

The next 3 months may feel uncertain, but try your best to continue taking bookings. While enquiries have been few over April, couples are regaining confidence and enquiry numbers are beginning to increase. Yes, circumstances have changed, but your talent and service have not. Couples still want to get married and they still want to book you.

There won't be any weddings (with the exception of 5 person elopements) for wedding vendors in Australia, outside of WA & NT for this month. May is your time to ensure you have confirmation your postponements, a clear email inbox and an up-to-date website. Update your wedding expo dates, if you can. June will be your chance to get back into strengthening your brand, setting objectives for 2021 and making sure your processes are working for you. Surprisingly this might be your last chance to catch-up on any back-burning projects before things start to get busy again. By July we will have much more information about the rest of 2020. It’s possible at this time that outdoor weddings may be going ahead. There may even be couples rushing to find services, last minute, to take advantage of venue availability.

Consider putting together last-minute packages if you want to take bookings. If you’re not ready to step back into things, that’s ok. Work to create reception-only options for couples who have eloped and are looking to book wedding-style parties for 2021 and 2022.

Job stability will start to recover towards the end of the year and more couples will be getting engaged. By Christmas you might need to find a way to expand your capacity to serve couples as 2021 looks to be a promising year for weddings.

Be kind to yourself and be practical with your business.

It will take inner strength, but set your focus to a time where our industry is flourishing.

This will be sooner than you think.

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